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The Work Of Selective Placement Division of the Labour Department

The Selective Placement Division of the Labour Department was established in July 1980 to provide free recruitment service to employers and free employment service to job seekers with disabilities, including the visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically handicapped, chronically ill, autism, intellectual disability, ex-mentally ill as well as people with specific learning difficulties and attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder.

Employees Retraining Board-The ERB extended its service to cover people aged 15 or above with an education attainment at sub-degree or below in December 2007. The ERB repositioned itself in mid-2008. Since then, the ERB endeavours to promote the "Manpower Development Scheme" to foster the sustainable development of trainees, helps them attain recognised qualifications and map out their progression ladder.

Shine Skills Centre (SSC) is a member of VTC Group which offers skills training programmes for people with disabilities aged 15 or above to enhance their employability.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Retraining Centre is to provide comprehensive vocational services for persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses to enhance their ability, confidence and positive attitude in returning to work.​​​​​​​